Lady Detective

Lady PI investigated Margaret Coon murder

In 1991, Webster Coon received a letter from an inmate in the Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson, Louisiana. The inmate wrote saying a man living in his cellblock had confessed to killing Webster’s daughter, Margaret, and that, for a price, the inmate would reveal his cellmate’s name.

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Margaret Coon

Margaret Coon likely not killed jogging

Tuesday night, I interviewed the only law enforcement officer to patrol Beau Chene subdivision the night Margaret Coon died, and if this officer’s reflection is accurate, the 41-year-old attorney died later in the night than the official report suggests, making it highly unlikely the stabbing occurred during her evening jog as proposed in that official report. This officer’s recounting suggests the possibility that someone killed Margaret Coon somewhere else before moving the body and staging the crime scene.

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Murdered attorney hunted sex traffickers

Last week, we noted alleged connections between the murders of attorneys Donna Bahm and Margaret Coon. This week, we dive deeper into Margaret Coon’s cold case homicide, recounting the circumstances of her death and placing sex traffickers among those high on the suspect list.

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Donna Bahm Case

Daniels charged, suspects mount

On a Thursday, September 1, 1988, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff J. Edward Layrisson called a press conference announcing that his office had charged Alvin “Bubba” Daniels with first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, and armed robbery related to the January 21 death of Amite attorney Donna Lynn Bahm. Less than two months later, a grand jury dropped each of those charges.

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Bahm Extortion

Edward Bahm meets his extortionist

On a Friday evening, August 26, 1988, 58-year-old Edward Elton Bahm, a lifelong resident of Independence, pulled a note from a gatepost at the front entrance of Hammond’s Zemurray Park. Scanning the squiggly ink and hand-drawn map, he imagined the note’s author hiding somewhere inside the park watching.

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Prison PI

Meet Al Daniels, private investigator

After serving ten years in prison, 35-year-old Alvin "Bubba" Daniels walked out of the gates of Angola determined never to return. No more armed robberies. No more confidence games. No more baring false witness against thy neighbor of any sort. From that day forward, “Bubba, the con man” would push up daisies. Long live Al Daniels, Private Investigator.

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